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03-30-2018, 10:58 PM
I submitted a support ticket on this almost a month ago (3/4/2018, reference number: 12942994), it was confirmed as having been received 20 days ago (3/10/2018), and I've brought it up several times on the Paladins Reddit page, but it has yet to be directly addressed in any way.

Simply put, my Refer A Friend rewards are completely busted. I've referred six people to the game using the in-game referral system, each has reached at least level 15, at least one of them has gotten past level 30, and we've played together in a party for several days worth of time by now. I haven't received a single of the rewards listed in the Refer-a-Friend menu. No crystals, neither Pip costume piece, and not even the smallest amount of gold.

To help troubleshoot the issue, here are some things I've noticed.

The game only registers the stats of a referred friend when they are logged in. I've referred 6 friends, and each has reached level 15, but if only two of them are online, the progress on the "Milestone Rewards" is only cleared up to the "2 Friends" point. No reward is received in either situation.
The play together bonus never changes whatsoever. Even after an hour long session, with my referred friends still logged in, it sits at 0.
The "Friends Forever" award (Play 10 hours in a party) never changes progress either. I have over 7 days played, at least a 3rd of those being in a party, but it has never shifted from 0/600 minutes.
I first joined Paladins last year when it launched on PS4, but I didn't play for very long. I picked it up again this past February. So my account is relatively old.
The in game Social menu doesn't update properly unless you log out and log back in. If I log into the game while a friend is offline, and then they later come online, the in-game social menu will still list them as offline. Even if they join my session and are listed as being in my party, the menu still shows them as being offline.
The Party Boost in the in game Social menu lists the bonuses to Gold, Account XP, and Champion XP as being +16842768% each. The Social menu in general seems fairly rife with bugs.

By my count, these are the rewards that I'm missing

Milestone Rewards:
1 Friend - 1000 Gold
2 Friends - 2000 Gold
3 Friends - 3500 Gold + Mad Scientist's Discombobulator weapon for Pip
4 Friends - 5500 Gold
5 Friends - 200 Crystals

Total: 12,000 Gold - 200 Crystals - 1 weapon skin

Level Bonus:
Level 10 - 500 Gold
Level 15 - 1000 Gold + some additional bonus (not sure what this is, but there's a "+" next to the gold bonus)
Level 20 - 1500 Gold
Level 25 - 2000 Gold
Level 30 - 2500 Gold

Total: 7,500 Gold - some additional bonus

Play Together Bonus:
1 Hour Played - 500 Gold
5 Hours Played - 1000 Gold
10 Hours Played - 3000 Gold + Mad Scientist skin for Pip
15 Hours Played - 200 Crystals
20 Hours Played - 200 Crystals

Total: 4,500 Gold - 400 Crystals - 1 character skin

Grand Total: 24,000 Gold - 600 Crystals - 1 weapon skin - 1 character skin - 1 additional bonus (voice pack, maybe?)

I'm not trying to be a cheapskate here. Over the past month and a half, I've put about $55 into the game (Founder's Pack, VIP Pack, Realm Pack, & 800 crystals), and I know some of my friends have spent money as well (at least two with the Founders pack, one with the VIP pack and some Crystals bundle).

I'd gladly spend more if I thought it was going to a better-supported product, but as a console player I've felt a bit like a second class citizen. It's not because of the 2-weeks late patches, which I completely understand, but because of the numerous bugs and other issues that have long gone not simply unfixed but completely unaddressed on my platform (and quite possibly Xbox as well). I'll probably make another post on those later, since this is merely one of them.

If proof is needed, I would be happy to discreetly provide the PSN IDs of those I've referred, as well as screenshots of the occurrences listed further above.

Please respond, I am very tired of sitting in the dark. :(

06-21-2018, 06:53 PM
Same issue, reported on 3 different occasions. No response, have you received any?