View Full Version : Some of Lian's cards are kind of broken

03-29-2018, 01:52 PM

I play Lian often, testing different setups.
I recently I tried maxing out Lian's cards Eagle's Emerald and Swift Jade (a YouTuber Joshino tried it too). I found it really broken, this is why:

The first card reduces cooldown of Valor whenever you hit an enemy. This works with her other abilities, what makes possible to get almost instant cooldowns on Valor.
You can use that to reduce the cooldown of Grace, then Valor again and there you have a loop of instant cooldowns.

So, instant cooldown on aim-locked abilities.

Here's what I think what should be done:

Replace or rebalance the Eagle's Emerald card.

The card is overpowered. You can easily use that card to always quickly reset the cooldown of Valor, it is even easier when stacked with Chronos.
I think would be best to change the card to reduce cooldown of Presence ability.

Those are my thoughts, what do you think?

Edit: This may not be a bug, but oh well..

Edit#2: It appears there was an actual bug with the card Eagle's Emerald, and it has been fortunately fixed in OB68 Hotfix #1. Thanks the devs!

03-30-2018, 01:47 AM
She has been nerfed twice in the OB67.5 patch. They lowered incredibly her speed in the 2 loadout cards that were adding it. While insane speed Lex is still out there.

I would personally prefer to see the nerf reverted, before touching anything else. More mobility, less auto-aim. I am here! (I use the LC for reloading, so the less auto-aim possible). But you can't keep nerfing her out of the blue.