View Full Version : Combine wrecker and bulldozer into one item

03-03-2018, 08:57 PM
Nobody buys wrecker because it doesn't work against:

Terminus's power siphon
Androxus's reversal
Moji's magic barrier
Zhin's counter (especially with retaliation)
Evie's ice block

Bulldozer is not valuable since:

Inara's wall has so much hp and I never seen it destroyed, she also uses it to protect her warder's field.
Bomb king, Kinessa, and Vivian's deployables are so weak you don't need bulldozer for them.
Ghrok only has 1 deployable but it has a high cooldown and he usually places it behind cover

Out of the 34 champions only Barik and Ying are reasons to buy bulldozer, but if you get bulldozer against them then you can't get wrecker to counter barik's shields or cauterize to counter healing if they don't have ying.

Deft hands is a noob trap.

The only red item worth buying is cauterize, so why don't we combine wrecker and bulldozer into one item so it is bought more often?

03-03-2018, 09:02 PM
If you have ever played a Front Line, you would know how frustrating Wrecker is. It's a very powerful item made specifically to control the power level of tanks, so merging it with yet another effect would be an absolutely absurd proposal.

03-03-2018, 09:57 PM
Both of these items are already pretty powerful, as all red cards are really (besides deft hands on most), so there is no need to merge the two. Wrecker makes it so a powerful Inara playstyle is easily countered, as well as Grohk's and Ying's healing, and Barik. Just because there aren't many champions with shields or deployables, it doesn't warrant combining the two of these items, as that would make picking items way too easy, and would give way too big of a potential edge over certain team comps.

03-04-2018, 07:10 AM
I don't think it's a good idea. Imaging having Torvald + Grohk in your team or Barik+Ying. If wrecker and bulldozer were combined into a single item, anyone could buy it for 300-600-900 gold and everyone can kill them so easily. That would lower to TTK and no one wants that. Right now, you have two options when you're facing these kinds of tank+healer combinations. You either take wrecker or bulldozer. Also not to mention that your teammates wouldn't even need to buy cauterize because they could just kill Grohk and Ying so easily hence the tanks they are trying to support, it would break the game. Everyone would just grab Cassie, Lian, Drogoz, Vivian, Sha Lin, Bomb King. OR Evie and Pip because of their AOE and insta kill Front Lines+Supports.

Also, yes you don't need bulldozer against Kinessa or Bomb King but that doesn't mean they should get rid of bulldozer and merge it with wrecker. Think of it this way; If you're a Damba, deft hands is a must for you to annoy enemies. Even if enemy team has 2 supports, a damba should never get a cauterize. So just because you don't need bulldozer against Kinessa should not mean you must be able to kill Tanks+Supports so easily. The whole balance would go crazy.

03-04-2018, 08:26 AM
I buy bulldozer with Terminus, if I am against Inara, Grohk or Barik. Ying can quickly replace clones with her teleport and put them in some distance, so I don't think destroying them with bulldozer really works (never tried though). Since the totem of Grohk has a small heal range, hiding it behind cover means it wont heal his teammates. Wrecker is good for champs with low fire rate and high damage.

It's true though that usually around 4 of 5 players buy cauterize. I believe it is overrated but it is as it is.