View Full Version : Tanks are better flanks than flanks themselves

02-17-2018, 01:49 PM
(Paladins - An Honest Oppinion On Balance)

Here is a Youtube Video by Jay Flare about Ballance in Paladins. In this video he says exectly what I think avout balance. The tanks get better flanks than flanks themselves because there's NO flank that hasn't been nerved just because for new players (on lvl. 6 (so they are no longer playing against bots, wich is a very studden move from bots to no bots) or console players (console paladins should be developped a little bit other to pc paladins) they are to hard to deal with.

(please do not nerv the tanks now. Pitch (⬆️) the Flanks (and Ying :P), please)

Thank you for reading.