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02-15-2018, 11:09 PM
Character Balancing
This thread will be about how I would change characters to potentially be more balanced and fun to use or play against. This will include simple balancing and heavy reworks to some characters or cards.


Reduce the cooldown of shield with the Aegis legendary. The reduction is too small and doesn't benefit the player very well.

Change shield to go on cooldown when first used, reduce cooldown by 2 seconds.
Slug Shot
Reduce hitbox size by 15%
Rally Here
Now increases size of field by 25%
Battering Ram
Now gives CC immunity

Increase the Power Siphon duration by 15% and take 10% less charge to summon.
Increase base health by 200

Increase base health by 200
Increase base turret health by 250
Forged Alloy card now gives 35HP less turret health per level
Reduce gun spread by 15%
Shield now goes on cooldown when used
Turrets are now hitscan and deal 6/1% more damage (10% level 4)


Crippling Throw now deals scaling damage up to 575
Rampant Blossoming
Reworked to Flower Field
Flower field places a healing flower where vine lands. The flower heals for 80/5 HP/s to nearby allies and has 450 health.

Honestly, just fix all of his bugs.


Weapon shots now deal 520 damage
Increase distance of each shadow step by 10%

Increase damage falloff by 10%
Bulk Up
Decrease maximum health increase to 150

Overcharge now only gives 20% increased firerate

Increase time between "light swings" by 0.2 seconds
Retaliation now reflects 3 times and sends back projectiles for 8/2% more damage

Add fuel limit to RMB similar to Grohk and Fernando LMB
Increase scamper turn speed by 15%
Snacks polymorphed now have a size similar to the original character size. A Talus polymorphed would be smaller than a Makoa, the snacks are still smaller than the original character


Fire Spit no longer explodes from a rocket hitting a wall near it
Direct hits now deal 30% more damage at level 4 (was 35%)

Sha Lin
Now grants 6/2% increased movement speed

Increase distance of flutter by 20% and reduce cooldown by 1 second.
Now moves 15% faster during Ultimate
Now deals 360/20 damage to enemies in the blast radius when it lands.

02-16-2018, 12:15 AM
Willo's Nightshade is a terrible legendary. It's not easy to shoot it as a direct damage since it's a CC ability. So nerfing it to 360/20 damage would be not logical. Willo's winrate has already dropped after these 2 patches. Also it's every 15 seconds, she can't abuse burst damage like other champions such as Buck.

Buck's health must be reduced to 2000 from 2300 in base. He has the most health in flanks, even more than some DPS champs. And he does nonstop burst damage with his fast reload. He already can heal himself 1000 health every 8 seconds(not to mention cooldown reduction cards). OR, both Bounce house and Bulk Up level up by 510|30 and both should be reduced to 450|25. Also he doesn't do entirely direct damage. He shots 20 shrapnel pieces that deals 700 damage in total. He should not be able to headshots. He doesn't just shoot 1 bullet. OR his radius of shrapnels must be increased so that the damage he deals from further will have a better drop off.

Barik needs a health buff that's true but his turrets are fine as they are now. He doesn't stay alive like other tanks (except Terminus) unless he is being healed non-stop. And if the cooldown starts when he deploys the shield, would allow him do infinite shields. He was like that many patches ago(If i remember correctly) and that was unbearable.

02-16-2018, 03:43 PM
[CENTER]Character Balancing

Weapon shots now deal 520 damage
Increase distance of each shadow step by 10%[/SIZE]

Nerfing andros dmg to 520 is just too much, maybe 550 would be enough.

02-16-2018, 06:46 PM
The grover heal-with-vine idea seems nonsense to me. I need the vine to escape the flanks I cannot shoot it at my allies. This legendary would be useless. The rest looks fine.

02-17-2018, 12:48 AM
Buff barik xd

02-17-2018, 04:27 AM
Grover should get healing buff to blossom. It's Pure shit.
Barik Should have 500+ Increased base health
Nerfing andro? Nah keep him the same.
Buff Ying's healing? Ying is pretty much useless. The only thing shes good at is that she can teleport to her illusions allowing her to survive easily.

02-17-2018, 05:54 AM
Grover should get healing buff to blossom. It's Pure shit.Thanks to efflorence the old blossom legendary is useless but there are many useless legendaries now.