View Full Version : Map loading screen takes forever!

01-04-2018, 07:36 AM
So this is the 5th time I'm looking for help (posted this on Reddit, Steamcommunity, Paladins Facebook community and sent a ticket to Hi-Rez) and I really hope there is someone who can help me out becouse this is my last resort.

So whenever I pick a champion and the game is about to begin, the screen keeps loading. It looks like the game freezes but in reality, a bot replaces me, playing like trash. This happens both on my PC and Xbox account. I've had this problem before but it fixed itself after a week or something. I don't want to wait a week since I have a VIP membership and booster weapons...

Oh and here's the ticket I received from Hi-Rez. Tried it, didn't work:

"Here are some fixes you can try:

1. From your Home screen, press Menu -> Settings and go to "Power & Startup." Change your console’s Power Settings to Energy-saving Mode. Hard-restart your console (hold power button 5-10 seconds, then wait for power brick to turn orange before powering-on), and then try the game again.

2. Turn off your Xbox One and take out the plug from its socket for 30 seconds. Reinsert the plug and turn on your console. Disconnect your console from the internet, reconnect and launch the game

Please let us know if either of these resolves your issue."

Thanks in advance