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12-25-2017, 06:07 PM

I just wanted to share my impressions about the overall OB64 balance, as I do experience it. Please keep in mind that these are my opinions only, so your mileage actually might vary.

Most of the time I do play the casual mode, quite rarely I do play competetive. Casual used to be quite some fun, but the situation, well... let's start.

Front line
I used to play normally Ash, Fernando und some Makoa. At the moment Fernano and Rektkoa seem to be ok for me, the rest seems more or less in quite an unstable limbo as far as I get it.

I used to play Maeve, Buck, Zhin and Evie.

Where to begin... Maeve. She seems to be nerfed right into the ground, with damage of jumping on somebody and per knife only now 400 HP, so quite borderline unusable.

Evie: she's always been a glass cannon with only around 1800 HP, but her damage now feels too low as well.

Buck: he also feel's like he's lost quite much oomph, not so viable as he used to be.

Zhin: oh boy... he doesn't seem to have lost much of his touch, he still can get really, really annoying as hell if you don't deal with him.

Skye: she wasn't in the best spot in OB63 in my opinion before, but the recent nerfs now really took much away from her, maybe too much.

Overall too much flanks seem to be grounded hard by OB64, making it much harder for them to do their job.

I used to play Ying, Jenos and Seris. Mal Damba a little, Pip and Grokh not really at all.

Ying: well she's still doing her thing, but still feeling like somewhere in the mid ground at best. Overall not the best choice probable at all if the opponent always destroys the illusions.

Jenos: he used to be good in OB63, but with the cooldown time on his healing ability now being way too high, he does not seem to be a real viable healing alternative to me anymore because his healing output is now quite low unless you got Chronos III somewhere in the game maybe. This, and what they've done to his movement ability as well was quite a big nerf on him.

Seris: basically one good healing station, she's always been a good direct healer, but if this was not enough, the new legendary turned her into an AoE healer as well. While the new legendary is fun to use, I do consider it too much utility in one healer, since we already got two AoE healers, so why a third one?

Mal'Damba: I can hardly say, but he still seems to be able to deal tons of healing and damage as well, if you are able to aim properly. Definitely the hardest healer to master.

Again: too much imbalance here at the moment right now.

Damage dealers
Vivian: delete her, period.

Or in long: since you cannot tell the composition of the opponent's team she can be a real annoyonce in casual, if you don't have the proper heroes in your team to counter her. This, and her still ridiculous shield in front of her which basically makes her into a temporary tank if a flanker shows up is just too much. And yes, I know there are counters and how to use them, I am just tired of seeing her bland face in every game right now, even after the damage nerf.

Tyra: maybe performing a little bit too good right now.

Strix: his sidearm is still performing a little bit too good for a sidearm in my opinion.

Cassie: what have you been thinking with this new legendary? Are you serious?

Overall the whole balance of the game just went bonkers with the release of OB64, much of it seems to be quite broken right now, hopefully it will get fixed with OB65.

12-25-2017, 06:17 PM
Tyra: maybe performing a little bit too good right now.

What exactly made Tyra op?

Ob 64 Tyra with the firebomb legendary does 13,5%/sec dmg and cripples
Ob 63 tyra firebomb does 12%/sec dmg, does not cripple, But Tyra still has a legendary card of her choise

12-25-2017, 06:25 PM
And there's also no matchmaking in bound siege...
But wait, no one cares.
It's a waste of time writing anything to this forum because Hi rez is never going to care.

12-26-2017, 04:20 AM
What exactly made Tyra op?

For my taste the 3 second damage reduction after firing the grenade launcher worked a little bit too well, but this seems to be fixed now.

12-26-2017, 04:59 PM
Match making is a joke in bound siege (formerly casual). Matchmaking was never good, but it is horrible now.

I was on a team where we had two bronze level players (and me, unranked) and myabe a silver player, and the other team had two masters and one Grandmaster (kusqt, who is a professional player I am pretty sure).

Since HiRez can't balance matchmaking, for now they should just prohibit masters / grandmasters and probably diamonds from playing casual (or bound siege or whatever it is called today)

Handicap Credit Accumulation:
The higher the rank you are (or ELO you have) when playing casual, the longer it should take you to accumulate credits during a match. If you are master / grandmaster you should take four or five times as long to accumulate credits as a bronze level player in a match.

The whole point of the cards bound system was to level the playing field, so making it harder for higher ranked / higher ELO players makes sense.

Fernando's shield bugs still exist, namely the shield instantly disappearing, or people killing you while the shield is up and they shoot though the shield. This bug also happens with andro still too. I don't know how many times I have killed an andro when he is in the middle of his reversal. If I am playing Barik I will just shoot Andro in the chest when he is in reversal and about 25% of the time he dies.

Actually Do Something About Toxic Players
Ever since OB64 people have been really, REALLY toxic. I report them for abuse. The next day I see them playing again and being just as toxic. Get your act together, HiRez.