View Full Version : OB64 fine tuning ideas

12-21-2017, 04:22 PM
I have yet to play ob64 myself because of my limit as a console gamer, but I have researched and watched many videos and read feedback from the update. Personally I don't feel ob64 is the death of paladins as many people say. With a little more fine tuning I believe it opens the door for more gameplay options which is always welcome. With that said here are some of my recommendations.

Competitive Cards:
I believe cards being only ranked 4 is a little weak. I understand it is meant to create a more skill based system but it takes away the ability to modify each character to a specific playstyle. Oftentimes you cannot get a character that represents the specific skills you bring to your team. The previous card loadouts helped with this by allowing a fine tuning system for the characters you are inexperienced with. I think what would help bring ob64 competitive back to the same level of enjoyment would be to allow the choice of 2 cards to be level 6 with the other 3 level 4. It would be a minor difference but offer more finetuned gameplay style specific loadouts for each champion.
Bound casual play:
I think this mode should be meant to allow players to practice for competive. The cards should be the same structure as I mentioned before. 2 cards level 6 and the others level 4.
I think this is a good system, contrary to popular belief. The only change I would make is instead of having to grind for chests to find duplicate cards being the only method to level the cards you like, allow an experience factor for the cards. So if you play a card loadout for your character only the cards in that loadout gain experience toward duplicates. This way there are two options. Pay to play players can quickly gain duplicates for cards through chest but the cards they recieve are random and not loadout specific. Then, free players grind the cards they like to get duplicates. It takes longer but its loadout specific so it helps the grind. Obviously the rare cards would gain experience much slower then weaker cards. If this system is in place I believe it would lower the flak you guys get trying to say you are favoring pay to play and bring back everything the players love about Paladins over other MOBAs on the market.
What does everyone think?