View Full Version : Enhanced Gaming E-Sports (LF) Comp Players

04-09-2016, 11:47 AM

Hello, Paladins community EGE is looking to add 2 more to our competitive roster and also looking for a coach! We currently are working on our site which will have our application but for now, we ask anyone that is interested please join our TeamSpeak Dirtyoldpub.voip.pub or email me at aaronpettit2@gmail.com. We are a serious team moving up in the ladder with experience in multiple Comp games. We have two teams in our organization both are Paladins and League Of Legends. We have plans to pay our players if the players are able to meet our requirements. We don't ask much but the stuff we do ask is something to be expected. Our team is looking for dedicated, passionate, growing type of players if this is you please hop on our ts or email me!

You can also add me in game its Mozzie.

04-10-2016, 12:01 PM
Just a little bump, met these guys last night really nice people, anyone interested in joining a team i suggest check them out.

04-24-2016, 09:21 AM
i want to join there is any requirements?

04-25-2016, 12:38 AM
Just a little bump bump, we are still looking for subs for team Black.