View Full Version : Me and friend Looking for Comp Team-

04-04-2016, 05:06 PM
Me and friend are looking for a comp team- Were really good team players.... I can play a nasty barik or cassie... can really play any champ well. My friend is really good with fernando and can adapt with other champs as well. I'm 20 and he's 24.... we speak english are in the NA - Eastern timezone. Let me know if you have spots for 2 on your team :) Thanks~

04-05-2016, 05:43 AM
AxeTeam is looking for some members still, we use gamevox for voice chat, we're a World Wide team. I'm from NA though, so shouldn't be a problem

Gamevox server: AxeTeam
GameVox name: TheReed


• No Racism
• No Disrespecting/Raging at others
• No Mic spamming [ like playing music, ect....]