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03-29-2016, 01:57 PM
Will add or just edit this post to add more later, but I've only got a few! For these, I'll say what it's called, what it does, and my reasoning for having it! Reasoning will be in Bold. Stats (?) will be underlined!


Common Quality

"Strong Arm" or "Spirit's Reach": Pressing Q to summon a Totem allows Grohk to create his healing totem at a range away from him. Pressing Q twice will place the Totem at his feet as normal. Range to place the Totem is slightly longer or shorter than how far his attack can reach. You can shift between placing it closer or further away by moving your vision up and down. Leveling the card could either increase the range the Totem could be placed.

Grohk's "Arc Lightning" card allows his chain lightning to bounce off his totem and increases the bounce radius by 10%, but... This requires Grohk to run into the enemy team, place his totem, and then stare at it. Not only that, but there's plenty of times where I simply can't get close to my teammate in time to save them. This could give him a better supportish role while keeping him out of danger if there's, for instance, a giant tree spinning around in front of him. Plus I feel that placing the Totem in the middle of the enemy team then using chain lightning on it is a good counter for not being able to bounce the lightning off shields. Since you aren't going to just run up to a shielded team, placing the Totem at a range seems more viable, though slightly more vulnerable since they can blow it up quickly. However, I have to admit I wasn't thinking about leveling the card up when I thought about this. May need an added effect to actually be leveled up.

Rare Quality

"Spiritual Curse": Passing through an enemy while using "Ghost Walk" slows and disarms them. Slows/disarms for .5 seconds +.5 per level.

The card "Phantom" is pretty useless if only because Ghost Walk is so easy to catch up to for most characters, even with the added 40% movement speed Ghost Walk gives. Making it a punishment to get so close to a Ghosted Grohk would be nice and it would allow Grohk to disable enemies for a bit, allowing him to use it more offensively than defensively, since he could Ghost Walk onto a point, potentially disarm the whole team, then toss down a Totem and start zapping them while they're stuck. Obviously countered by just spreading out, but still.

Epic or Legendary (I'm not sure what qualifies as "Legendary" quality)

"Storm, heed my call!" (Warcraft joke, so name may need to change!): Healing Totem creates a cloud far above itself with the same radius as the healing effect. The "rain" heals allies, but harms enemies in the radius. Enemies that enter the cloud take heavy damage and are inflicted with "blind" (Similar to Skye's Smoke Screen, but smaller) The amount it heals is changed to lower numbers, but at a faster rate of healing. Damage acts the same way; fast, but low numbers. (Thinking like 15-40 healing wise, 5-25 damage wise)The "cloud" would also get stuck within closed areas, rather than just clipping outside the tunnel or building. Damage and healing rate could improve when the card is leveled.

The idea is basically one for zoning, but also adding in a way for Grohk to do even more damage over time. It's also an added escape tool since Grohk's "Ghost Walk" is... a little lack luster. Sure, you don't take damage, but you only walk away, so almost anyone can catch up to you before you can get to safety. This cloud would allow you to run into a tunnel, toss it down so they can't see you, then ghost walk right past them. Or just kill them if they run into it, one of the two. It's just an added way to give Grohk some zone control that he needs against someone with a shield or strong heal since you can't Chain Lightning through them.

03-31-2016, 11:42 AM
Nice ideas :)

I can see a Grohk sitting somewhere in the bushes throwing totems on CP's with the first card :rolleyes:
Yeah, it wouldn't be bad. Was disappointed myself as I tried this first time and it just dropped to my feet. But this as common and your last as legy/whatever? Don't know...

Wouldn't the 2nd card make him the super-support since he is invincible during Ghost Walk so he can run around in the other team to slow, and even worse for them, disarm them? After that he could pull Ult and spin out of them/deal a good amount of damage to them.

And last but not least:
It's not a...'joke', it's pure EPICNESS!
Joke, tch...
Well, anyway, shouldn't be a legendary, cause opponents have to step into it before it can deal it's damage. Or they just destroy it. His totems aren't this tough.

03-31-2016, 01:07 PM
Just sitting back and tossing Totems from a bush would be kinda pointless I think. He'd still have to be out there fighting! But because it's just a range increase to a skill, I figured it was 'common' quality. It doesn't change the healing rate, or anything, so I figured it wasn't that good. May work well with other cards, but it still isn't that good!

The second card for Grohk wouldn't make him that much of a support than he already is. Ghost Walk doesn't last that long, even with Phantom, plus he has to catch up to them and actually touch them to disarm/slow them anyways. He's putting himself in danger for it and they can still use abilities while disarmed, as far as I'm aware.

The last one... Well, I'm still not sure what qualifies as "Legendary", but I figured with how it changes Healing Totem almost entirely that it'd be at least Epic. His totems can get tough with that +500 health card, though, which is what I intended for it to be used with! But yeah, even then they only take 2-3 shots from most weapons I guess.