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03-25-2016, 08:02 PM
Nature's Grasp - Vine Card - Enemies hit with Vine are pulled towards Grover's location.

Crippling Axe - Axe Throw Card - Enemies hit with Axe Throw are Slowed for 1s.

Iron Bark - Armor Card - Grover gains 3% Damage Reduction.

Treant's Wrath / Blessing - Briar and Blossoms - Decrease the Health Regeneration of enemies by X% / Increase the Health Regeneration of Allies by X%.

Edit: Treant's Wrath / Blessing is meant to work on ALL sources - so health drops, Life Rip, healing from cards, etc...

03-25-2016, 08:35 PM
Interesting Fact

There was actually a Card named Nature's Grasp that had something to do with a "pulling" ability

Axe Throw already Cripples...

Iron Bark sounds interesting, but why the text "in combat"? when he's is always in combat when taking damage?

Already have a card that increase Briar and Blossom's range by 10% per rank...

Treant's Wrath / Blessings seems interesting, but how does it work when enemies don't really regen health when they're hit by your Briar and Blossom? Same with Allies... this only works if everyone is out-of-combat, which is practically impossible unless no one's attacking anyone. (or are you saying this is to work with LifeRip card?)

BTW, here's a list of "early Grover" cards. (with early abilities) until Grover got Finalized


Grover was originally designed as a supporting Tank with Lantern until the got revamped with Axe into offensive Tank.

03-26-2016, 04:26 AM
Your nature's grasp would fit better for Grover. It's like this in Smite and, by all fairness, he's a probably damn heavy tree. How fat someone have to be that this tree's flying to him, not the other way around?:confused:

But I understand, that it's not so. Grover would just pick of squishies, pulls them into his team -> kill.