View Full Version : Zhin Cards Idea

07-23-2017, 05:27 PM
first of all as flanker I think his damage should increase a little bit

550 + 550 +800

Spite Rework:
Deal 3000 Damage ( 750 each hit ) + X% damage reduction

Legendary Card : if you hit enemy with whirl, cuz them to take x% extra damage from you over time during 4 sec. (damage over time starts after 3 seconds you hit enemy with whirl)
Legendary Card : increase attack speed by X% and heavy swing deal X% more damage

Epic Card: if you kill an enemy in counter stance, get X% damage reduction
Epic Card: x% more attack speed, whenever billow ends for 3 seconds
Epic Card: if you hit enemy with whirl, causes them slow movement speed by x%