View Full Version : Deserter bug?

07-14-2017, 12:39 AM
Tonight is my first night playing Paladins. I received the 5 minute deserter penalty after not picking a champion in time because I was looking them all over. Oh, interesting, no big deal though, now I know. However, several matches later, I DID pick my champion, an instantly was kicked out of the match and received a 30 minute penalty this time.

As a new player, this is incredibly off putting and uninviting. I understand penalizing leavers, and quitters, but 30 minute bans when the game is in beta and the problem could easily be on the game's end seems incredibly short sighted.

So many online games have been successful without this sort of hyper punishment system. Please consider lowering/ adjusting the leaving penalty, especially since the system seems to be prone to false positives.