View Full Version : Evie Card Ideas

03-04-2016, 01:53 PM
Just had a bunch of random card ideas for Evie, so I'm just going to post them. I'm not an expert, so I won't post damage and Hp increases, nor rarity.

Winter Air
Type: Ice Block

When Evie is in Ice Block, cold air surrounds her in a 15 m radius, slowing enemies movement and attack speed by 20%. (+5% Slow per rank )

Sky Lance
Type: Soar

An icicle forms at the front of her staff, damaging enemies for 200 damage when she soars into them. (+75 damage per rank )

Type: Weapon

When Evie's shots go through a cold area ( i.e. Ice Storm, Frigid Field ), they go 15% further and do 30% more damage. ( +5% damage per rank )

Type: Blink

When Evie blinks, she leaves an empty Ice Block behind her to take hits. Ice block lasts 1.5 seconds. ( +0.5 second duration per rank )

Snow Fort ( similar to Decoy )
Type: Ice Storm

When an enemy dies in Ice Storm, they leave an Ice Block that blocks enemy shots and movement. Allies can shoot these blocks to break them and the victim's health nugget. Blocks last 3 seconds. ( +5% damage per rank )

Type: Ice Block

When Evie leaves Ice Block, it shatters, doing damage in a 15 m radius around her. Every second she's in Ice BLock, the more damage. 100 damage per second. (+50 damage per rank)

Just random ideas, hope you guys see this. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback!