View Full Version : Want to get involved in the #1 Source for Community Content? Here's your chance!

03-02-2016, 01:43 PM
Over the last month and a half I'm sure that most of you have seen something that was produced, designed, or influenced by the founders of SunkenCitySalt. With the recent exploration and enhancement of SunkenCitySalt's Webcast, Competitive Casting, Epic Plays Series, Exclusive Interviews, Comprehensive Teams List, and Weekly Power Rankings we are looking to expand with the creation of a SunkenCitySalt website.

What we are looking for:
First and foremost we are looking for someone like us. Someone who is passionate and looking to getting involved with the community with no guarantee of any of it ever coming back to you personally.

Secondly, we also want someone who is capable of putting out professional level creations and has a large knowledge of both the creation and maintenance of a website. As Kami and I are both really busy getting the other aspects of content created and finished on a week-to-week basis, we are looking for someone who has the ability to be creative and intuitive while utilizing resources and ideas to most efficiently represent the current projects with the promise of innovating for future endeavors.

Last, but not least, we are also looking for someone who can commit a good amount of time into not only the original design aspects of the website, but the time and energy to maintain the website and help update it as more content comes out. We are looking for someone who can be about 75% of the creator and updater of this website. Kami and I will be able to help out and update accordingly, but we are looking for someone who can take a vast majority of the control on this project.

SO, does this sound interesting to you? Contact us! Please be ready to give out a small portfolio or examples of other works you have done or are currently doing. We are not necessarily looking for someone with a TON of experience, but someone who can show at least an example of what they have done in the past.

Contact us by email @ SunkenCitySalt@gmail.com or on Discord @ IHOLDSHIFT / Kami0889