View Full Version : Cassie, crossbow, bow, joke...

06-23-2017, 10:25 PM
Hello :)
I was really love how Cassie was looking with bow, it was greate character and after Shalin get bow You deleted Cassies one (the one from father? :O )... Ofcourse it is easier to see roll effect on x-bow but it's a bit not natural :)
But to the point.
I like to play it- i like all champs jokes, Cassie ones is:

The keep is under siege, we're fighting an army of goblins and robots... and I have a bow and arrow.
In my opinion its really funny and fix to her, but don't fix to weapon.
Can we atleast can have skin with cassie weapon as a bow? :) Or old Cassie?

I know probably You will change joke just ;)