View Full Version : Hero Idea: Bamboo Lurker, an ambush hero

02-24-2016, 09:11 PM
Okay so this guy is like a praying mantis / centaur thing. The Scorpion King but with a praying mantis instead of a scorpion. You decide how much is bug and how much is man. I don't care.



Make a name for him, probably like Ula'clic'ahn or whatever. They always give bug guys names like that. He is from some mist-hidden valley with a bamboo forest. Some real Shangri-La shit. Like this:


He's the apex predator. Always lurking in the shadows, ready to snatch you up. This guy probably eats pandas and humans all the time. You might say "hey an ambush bug hero should be a spider" but guess what you are WRONG because a praying mantis centaur would be kickin' rad!!! Anyway he should probably have some stats so

Left click
Mantis guy unleashes a flurry of blows with his spiky bug hands. Rapid small hits like Fernando or Grohk. He's just stabbing left and right all over the place. Card modifiers could include a % chance to cripple after X hits in a row, minor knockback (to push enemies into your traps), etc.

Alt fire
Mantis guy fades into the nearby scenery, becoming invisible. He must be within X feet of a wall for this effect to work, and remain near a wall for the duration. Attacking out of invisibility gives an attack speed boost for X seconds. Card modifiers could increase max distance from the wall, speed boost the closer you are to a wall, increased jump height for duration.

Pit trap
Mantis guy sets up an AoE floor trap, about as wide as a doorway. When an enemy walks across it, bamboo shoots up from the ground and deals minor damage with a slowing effect. The spikes remain for several seconds and will continue to deal damage. Maybe a small delay so it doesn't hit mounted heroes? Card modifiers could add DoT, increase radius, or let the trap spring instantly with extra damage.

Piercing Rush
Mantis guy Lunges forward, claws open. The first hero he collides with takes damage and gets pushed backward. You can use this to bump them into your pit trap. Removes status effects from mantis guy when used. Card modifiers could add a status effect like crippled or confused, or reduce the cooldown if you don't strike an enemy.

In the Mists (ultimate)
Mantis guy turns a piece of the battlefield into his homeland, the bamboo forest. Large AoE that lasts for X seconds. Bamboo and mist obscure vision for enemies (but not allies). While in the forest, Mantis Guy gains increased movespeed and does not need to stand near a wall to remain invisible. He will also fade into invisibility automatically after X seconds if not attacking. Damage from enemies does not reset the fade.

Just think about it man. Praying mantis centaur! That's sick as hell!!!