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02-21-2016, 01:36 PM
Champion Concept: Testudon - The Earthen Leader

Appearance – Testudon resembles a giant tortoise covered in spikes and composed of earth. Similar to this picture made by Vyrilien on DiviantArt but minus the snake.

(Not my artwork I just really like the picture)

Shockwave (Primary Fire) – Testudon fires forward a shockwave. Unlike other champions, this primary attack cannot be shot above the ground, instead, it will travel forward in a straight line, climb up walls, and is able to hit multiple enemies. While traveling, the shockwave erupts with shrapnel that deal less damage to enemies directly above the blast. Testudon can fire 6 shockwaves before needing to take a quick rest (reload).
Damage (direct hit): 350
Range: 70
Damage (eruption): 200

Bale Call (Alternate Fire) - Testudon summons small earthen turtles to aid him in battle. These turtles will roam around the map but never stray too far from Testudon and will use a melee attack every second to deal a small amount of damage to every target they hit. Testudon can only summon a max of 5 turtles at any one time and can store up to 5 turtle charges at a time. These charges are slowly refilled one at a time every 15 seconds.
Turtle health: 500
Turtle Damage: 25

Gambit / Withdrawal (Ability 1) - Testudon calls one of his earthen turtles to him, removing the turtle from the battlefield and healing himself for the half of the turtles remaining HP. If no turtles are present, Testudon will instead brace for impact, withdrawing into his shell and taking 80% reduced damage for 2 seconds. This effect renders Testudon immobile and unable to attack and places this ability on a 15 seconds CD.

Mud Pit / Burrow (Movement Ability) - Testudon creates a muddy terrain at a location. This area slows and removes a champion’s ability to jump for a short duration. If this ability is hit again, Testudon will burry himself and reappear in the muddy terrain.
Cooldown: 20
Radius: Pip’s Explosive Flask
Slow: 25%
Duration: 5 seconds

Lord of Earth (Ultimate Ability) - Testudon creates an earthquake, causing nearby enemies to be dazed and dealing a moderate amount of damage over the duration.
Duration: 4 seconds
Damage: 150 per second

Lore - Once a powerful clan that covered much of the globe, the Earthen Turtles were a proud group of elementals. However, wealth and power lead to corruption amongst the imperial family which resulted in various revolts and eventually the decline of their empire. As their power dwindled, so did their numbers. The Earthen clan was forced to forfeit their land to newer species such as the Vulpen and Humans and the remaining members retreated underground in hopes of rebuilding. After the death of his mother, Chelydon, Testudon took power. Now, after hundreds of years in hiding, Testudon is determined to rise up once again and reclaim his rightful land and the glory of his clan.