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06-05-2017, 11:45 PM
The Reaver is a dark knight. A lifedrinker, an unholy knight, a corrupted paladin. Basically, the idea of the Reaver is that he (or she) revolves all around HEALTH. He/She is a Melee-focused champion, with an emphasis on persevering through the fight.

Character size / hitbox is medium-ish. Think BK, but scaled down about 10%.

Visual are like that of a gladiator's. The upper body is covered in scars and open wounds, with a chained collar around the neck (broken and spiked, for dramatic affect) and a full-face helmet completely obscuring the head and face. The Reaver's lower body is clad in plate-mail armor, black and battle-scarred, with bits and pieces fallen off or loose. The Reaver carries a single, two-handed sword, but wields it in his right hand only, for his left hand is bound in chains and metal, hidden from view but with a dark, maleficent energy (similar to Seris') seeping from the cracks.

The Reaver's Stats, AFAIK:
Above-Average walkspeed. Think Maeve.
Health pool of 5,000. Frontliner. No shields.

Passive ability: Reaver CANNOT receive health or shields from third-party sources.
He also loses 8 Health per second, starting the moment the gate opens.
His attacks also have 100% lifesteal, and cannot be mitigated or ignored.

Skills, and how they work:
Cleave (M1) - Every 2.5s, the Reaver swings his sword in an arc for 400 damage, cleaving through enemies in front of him. When his sword is at the midpoint of the swing, is extends by almost double, glowing with dark energy. (Basically Barik's shotgun, although it would be a single hitbox, unable to hit one target multiple times.)

Pierce (M2) - Raise your Bound Hand and sharpen the blade, then stab. (Cooldown 12s) Your next basic attack gains an additional 50% damage and 10% range, but the sword stabs forward, in a straight line.

Death Blow (Skill 3) - Charge up a cursed blow, then strike. (Cooldown 32s. Charge time 4s) While charging, ignore 75% of enemy damage. Cannot move, turn, or cancel attack once charge begins. After the charge time, smash the ground, slightly knocking back and stunning (1.5s) all champions caught in the blast, and dealing 200 damage to each (Does not drain enemy Health).

Sacrifice (Skill 4) - Instantly lose 2,000 Health to restore all skills.

Last Stand (Ultimate) - Enter Last Stand. While in Last Stand, all health is instantly restored, and all damage is ignored, but every hit increases your passive life drain by (0.1 x Damage Taken). Your attacks do 50% of their usual damage, and do not drain Health from enemy champions. All skills are locked in Last Stand, except for your Basic Attack.

Tell me what you think. Critique is appreciated.

06-06-2017, 02:58 PM
Moved to Community Creations. Going to leave the original up, though.