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11-19-2015, 03:02 PM
It has come to my attention that a lot of people are confused on how to actually duel Fernando. While he does have a lot of health, and some broken cards, His tool kit can still be played around.

You know what I mean. Shooting at him from afar is pretty easy, However, when he is walking towards you and you see he has death in his eyes. a lot of people seem to panic and make a lot of stupid decisions, even if nobody else is around. Its frustrating watching both my Pip, and Cassie, get soloed by a Fernando. So, Here is a guide on how to deal with a pet Fernando following you everywhere.

One: Spot him. Check the enemies roster before the match. If you know they have a Fernando, you should keep an eye out on him if he is trying to be sneaky in the backfield. The easiest way to die to him, is to let him walk up to you, because then even your escapes will not let you kite him. He is scary, and should be treated with respect.

First off, the problem with killing fernando is his shield. If you are taking him on solo, you have a lot of work ahead of you, because if a Fernando really wants to kill you, he will be more then happy if you forget about him or try to ignore him. However, if you are a DPS, You can pretty much Wreck his shield after a while, but you are sadly going to have to keep pounding it down. Do NOT try to flank fernando's shield if you are alone. You may think you are being clever. You are not, You are getting outplayed and walking straight into his flamethrower range.

Be warned that Fernando's range on his flamethrower, while short, is always longer then what you think it is. Don't let him close to you. Fernando walks the same speed as you, so as long as you stay out of his range, he won't be able to hit you with any significant damage.

Safe your escapes. Aggressive Fernando players have charge in their toolkit, and if you are just out of range of their flamethrower, you can be sure as hell they are going to use it. Mirror his charge with your escape ability. If playing cassie, Dodge Roll when he charges. If Grohk, Ghost walk when he charges. Playing Pip? throw adhesives in his path, and keep your weightlessness for panic moments if he gets to close.

Most of all. Don't chase him. First off, After you beat him up to make him retreat, he isn't a valuable target anymore. Second off: There is a move that anybody who plays shooters for a while knows, and its called. "Rope a Dope." He is going to walk away, turn a corner, and you are going to get the bright idea to chase him. However, you will find out very quickly that he isn't actually running, and you just walked straight into his "Sucker Roaster."

Fernando's role is to be a bully. He is built and designed to push players away from the rest of his team, and to intimidate players into thinking twice about trying to get past him. Good Fernando's know this. However, other Fernando's don't. A lone Fernando alone isn't a problem, Its the team behind him that is. You can punish Fernando's that are alone easily if you keep your head on your shoulders.

11-19-2015, 03:25 PM
TL;DR version:

I feel Fernando is inherently OP. I played my first game and went 29-0 as him, seems a bit silly that I was walking around as an unkillable juggernaut with a seemingly never ending shield and the flamethrower hits like a truck. I played Ruckus the following game and Buck the game following and was astonished by the tremendous difference in power between the three champions.

11-19-2015, 03:48 PM
I started playing this game using Fernando, then switched to Barik. Immediately I had much better scores and a bigger impact in my team's success. So I thought Fernando was the weaker of the two. Then as Barik I've run into better Fernando's that play very aggressively and felt that dude was OP. However now, I feel like I can select cards to deal with aggressive Fernando's. And I'd rather him chasing me off the point than him standing on it. So with Barik I try to start with "Inflame" and then if there is an aggressive Fernando I will select other cards that will turn his aggression against him. Such as "Infernal Wall" "Pyromancer" and "Exhaust"

11-19-2015, 06:12 PM
Definitely OP if he gets on you, if you can run away you should. I ALWAYS pick up those movement speed boost cards if theres a Fernando, hes the last person i ever want anywhere near me lol.

Yeah, that 75% increased health card is insane.