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02-14-2016, 06:16 PM
ZFG clan is looking to recruit players looking for a competitive gaming experience with like minded players. We currently have an ESL pro team for Rainbow Six Siege and are looking to expand our games which we are competitive in. We have many members and play many games. If you are interested in becoming a member of a team oriented, strategic group of mature players, and you are 18 or over, head onto our teamspeak - zerofeargaming.teamspeak3.com and fill out an application on our website - http://zero-feargaming.enjin.com/home

02-15-2016, 11:04 AM
bumpety bump

02-15-2016, 08:59 PM
Hop on discord best place to find people/teams to scrim


Good luck finding a team

02-23-2016, 09:51 PM
We are now starting a competitive team for tournaments coming up. We currently have 8 players ready and willing to make tournament teams. So fill out an app on our website then hop on our teamspeak and lets get winning some tourneys!

12-27-2016, 10:08 AM
Hello me fantasticbyte in game i have 21 years old me from Macedonia me old pro player cs 1.6 starcraft dota and world of warcraft i have great exp with games i play cs go to mut dont so much i have 880h in paladins my max global reating is 5000 but i down to 4040 now i have i try to up again if you want add me

12-29-2016, 04:10 AM
IGN: Chiva
I'm from Spain but I live in England now
I'm 15 years old
I don't speak English as a first lenguaje but I speak it quite good
I'm the kind of person that likes teamworking, and I'm very friendly
I've experience on shotcalling on several games like Overwatch, LoL or CSGO and now I'm learning how to shotcall perfecly on Paladins

I have no experience on competitive in paladins but I'm playing with several profesional teams like Synergy
In Lol I almost get qualified to the http://www.lvp.es/ with my team.
I'm currently in (4300-4500-4700) up and down
I play support
I main Mal'Damba witch I'm master with him and I've been in the top 5 of the world with him now I'm top 120 aprox but if I win 3or4 games I'll be on the top again.
I now how to play Ying,Pip,Grover and Grohk quite good and I'm training with them
Like I said I'm good at shotcalling but I have good mechanincs aswell
I play only solo Q and all of the games I get best support points.
I'm a very competitive person that is always trying to learn from his mistakes.
While I'm waiting for a game to start (15-20mins) I like to play some kind of games of reflects.

I hope you consider my post and if you want to contact with me:

Gmail: Chivalrrik@gmail.com

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198139116034/