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02-14-2016, 12:03 PM
Ragarin is an assassin, half of his face is hidden, he has a sheath with a sword.
Primary weapon: sword (Another melee champion- yay)
She won't need to reload.
Alt fire- Daggers (has 5 daggers before needing to reload)
Each dagger also adds +10% if hit the same target, resets on reloading (means: if you use all 5 daggers on same person, the first one hits, so the next one will do damage+10% and after that if the 3rd misses then nothing and then the 4th hits, dmg+20%. When he reloads it'll start over. works only on the same target).
Swift legs: Ragarin increases his ground speed and jump height by 40%. While in that state he heals for 75 HP per second. The state is for 4 seconds.
Poison Field: Ragarin throws a poisonous bottle, which explodes and deals 300 damage.
It'll also remain in a little radius, doing 50 per tick (1 tick per second). Enemies hit by the tick damage won't stay in combat (means even if they are inside it, the timer of being out of combat will not restart)
Ultimate:Backhunter- Ragarin will go to invisible state for 5 seconds and after that will teleport to a target location, if there's an enemy near, he'll stab him in the back and will teleport back to where he was before.

02-15-2016, 10:16 AM
I don't know about this idea with the TTK.

The mobility is super important to be able to "dodge" attacks. (Some people have amazing aim)

I like the concept of a melee assassin though! And I'd really love to see this concept be in the game.