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New Faded Gl0ry
05-26-2017, 08:57 PM
I've been playing Ying lately, good balanced healer (on Xbox anyway), but I feel she could use a bit more card variation than the norm of cooldowns/recharge rates. At the very least it'd give a few more healing build options.

Healing Wind (Shatter) -
Shatter deals 15/30/45/60% less damage, but heals the closest ally for 20/40/60/80% of damage done.

Essentially Harmony, but at the cost of reduced Shatter damage and with outgoing heals instead. Multiple targets hit would further increase the healing as well. I might be inclined to push damage reduction to 20% increments as well. Besides, Ying isn't really supposed to be a large chunk healer, and it allows for a heal variation on Shatter.

Quick Bloom (Illusion) -
Illusions' heals tick 10/20/30/40% faster, but Illusion has 15/30/45/60% decreased radius.

Again, fairly self explanatory. Although I'm not entirely sure what the max heal radius for Illusion is now, this sounds respectable but I think 12/24/36/48% radius reduction would be fine too. Hard to say without playtesting anything.

Spring Rain (Dimensional Link) -
Spawns a 'Shattered' Illusion at previous position with 20/40/60/80% health, that does 6/12/18/24% more damage

Basically for this I took Rewind and altered it, I feel that Dimensional Link is somewhat lacking if you have decent situational awareness, even with Rewind maxed. I'm on the fence with this one due to the possible suicides and bad team play it could potentially lead to (mainly why the damage buffs are so low, healing first mentality)

05-29-2017, 02:16 AM
About your Healing Wind. It was the first version of Resonance legendary. Your shatter would both dmg enemies and healing allies. But, HiRez understood it was OP. The difficulty with Bomb-Ying is to decide when shatter and when keep your illusions for healing.

Ying has just a problem: 4 nerf in a row. Lately, she's a disaster to play :___(

05-31-2017, 08:04 PM
Didn't realize Ying has had 4 nerfs already, but I think console is behind a patch as well.