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05-23-2017, 05:02 PM

While I hear a lot of complaints about his low healing, many seem to forget he passively heals nearby teammates 80/s. This totals his healing to 80 x 12 + 1000 = 1960 every 12s. It's about 60% more than Pip's flask with a similar cooldown but when legendaries buff each healing.

Pip Flask heals 2400 instantly.

Grover's healing is increased to 2600 every 12s.

Because Grover's healing is overtime it has a disadvantage to Pip, so I think his Legendary should be changed to "Passive healing increased to 160/s" making the heal increase much more significant.


The most controversial. Don't let my opinions trigger you!

Ying doesn't seem like much of a Illusionist as the clones are very easy to identify, more like targets you take a second to fire at and nullify (like the tutorial).

-Clones can now move on their own. They follow after damaged teammates and when in range, heal them for 400/s. They have infinite duration and can be CCd.

-Shatter will cause Ying clones to charge to the nearest enemy and detonate on contact, dealing 500 damage each. Shattered clones can run for up to 10s before detonating automatically, or if destroyed before reaching a target.

-Dimensional Link has 3 charges, and a 10s CD. Activating Dimensional Link swaps Ying with the farthest Ying clone, or to the location of the last one alive if there none. No duration

When Ying swaps places with a clone, the clone for the next 4s will be able to fire Illusionary Mirror at nearby enemies for half-damage. This is SURE to throw off enemies

New Passive Effect: Illusive Vision

When a enemy kills a clone, they are revealed to your team for the next 6s. A counter to those pesky Skyes!

Legendary Cards:

Clones on Coffee: Ying clones move 35% faster and strafe rapidly/randomly, making them hard to hit and avoid during Shatter. (They also reach your teammates faster to heal them

Suffer-Ying: Clones recently swapped by Dimensional Link do full Illusionary Mirror damage and cause a 500 damage explosion when killed (if within the 4s duration).

Illusion Insurance: Ying Clones are 100% CC immune. While healing a teammate, that teammate gets 50% CC reduction for 2s. (Applies to Ying herself if the clone heals her)

Card Changes:

-The card that increases Clone health increases by 150 instead of 100.
-Dimensional Mirror's duration increase card now instead heals Ying 25 health per activation.
-Pursuit now increases the time clones have before detonating automatically during Shatter.
-The card that increases clone duration instead increases clone healing by 1% of the target's maximum health per second (same as Grohk's healing rain)

What I'm going for with these Ying changes:

By giving the clones the ability to move around they're a bit tougher to kill. The change in Dimensional Link allows Ying to make single occasional swaps with clones, rather than having to do a bunch in a short duration.

Clones that have been swapped in the last 4s are also able to attack enemies, adding some offensive capability to Ying but is meant to be more of a distraction. A random stationary "Ying" firing at a enemy is sure to get their attention.


His ultimate is only good when used in a crowd of teammates and enemies, but then you're just begging to be killed.

-Ultimate can now hit unlimited targets (both teammates and enemies)
-Double effect radius
-Grohk is healed 500 every 0.5s for the duration of the ultimate

05-23-2017, 05:38 PM
your Ying suggestion is terrible, absolutely terrible.

You more than double the CD of Illusion, but don't increase the health of them at all or even their range as a consolation prize? You do know that Illusions are destroyed regularly by the enemy team and destroyed rather quickly right? When they aren't destroyed by the enemy if is because the CD is low and/or Ying shatters them. It often isn't a matter of if your enemies destroy them but rather when. The enemy will focus on killing her Illusions if you raise the CD to the stupid level you suggest because it will shut off Ying's healing, plus people will automatically attack them if she uses that "clone army" L.card you suggest. 2 charges isn't a good compensation at all, not with more than twice the CD. No, the CD would have to be less than twice her current CD to compensate for the weakness it creates. The only saving grace to this terrible CD issue you create is her Spring Bloom card which would then go from "very good card that is used often" to "official meta, you gonna need this at rank 4 to do anything".

Your suggestion tries to make Ying play more conservative and less aggressive in terms of dealing damage, but you forget that the nerf to her healing beam's range forces her to put the clones up farther and you forget that Ying can only do two things: Damage OR Heal. Ying has no CC anywhere in her kit or cards. Compare this to every other Support which either has innate CC or have cards that give them it. Ying doing damage is not a problem, it is her contributing to her team in the only other way she can aside from harassing the enemy with the, drum roll please, damage from her Illusions.

If you really want to nerf Ying's damage and healing then give her something that she doesn't have: CC. And make sure it is good too as she not only has to choose between damage and healing, but she also has less health than every other Support and has an escape that is tricky to use at the best of times, and also affects her healing, depending on your placement of your Illusions.

I don't see how your suggestion for Ying is anything but a nerf, another nerf to champ that really didn't need one.

05-23-2017, 06:50 PM
Even after those nerfs, Ying is remains one of the best healers as her clones can heal constantly on their own, while other support need to pay constant attention to their patients.

But if Ying really needs it, she should be able to place three 2000 health clones at once and shatter them all for 2250 damage.

05-23-2017, 07:07 PM
Even after those nerfs, Ying is remains one of the best healers as her clones can heal constantly on their own, while other support need to pay constant attention to their patients.

But if Ying really needs it, she should be able to place three 2000 health clones at once and shatter them all for 2250 damage.

I'm not saying she is a terrible healer now, just that the nerf was largely silly. She can't do that much damage without Shatter... which sacrifices her healing. She does have the ability to heal up to 4 champs simultaneously which is great, but comparing her healer to half of her competitors is a bit unfair. Pip is a multirole, Grover is an off-tank, and Grohk is an off-DD. Seris and Mal' Damba are her only other competition. Damba has two heals (one a targetted and one that is an AoE HoT with DoT) and Seris has a relatively quick (compared to Ying) long range 4000-6000 HP heal with potentially a 2 second cooldown and a healing range that lets you heal halfway across a map. Plus both of them have CC and/or other forms of support, while Ying doesn't. Both also have more HP that Ying too. Finally, Damba has a good panic escape while Seris has an 'escape' that is so effective at losing the enemy (once the thing actually casts) that it nearly qualifies her to be an off-Flank Support of all things. Give Ying something else and then we can talk more about balancing healers.

Frankly, with what Ying lacks in terms of CC and other support, she shouldn't be "one of the best healers" she should clearly be the best healer, especially because one item can shut down half of her job.

05-23-2017, 09:32 PM
Edited again. Now it's some wacky Illusion manipulation.