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05-18-2017, 07:40 PM
Makoa's ult is constantly changing and I'm fine with that. It is really a good ult at times, but with Patch 50 it kinda loses that factor. Something that always bugged me was that makoa doesn't have cc resistance in ult mode. I didn't mind it too much. I would get annoyed that I could be turned into a chicken during ult mode, but ults need counters so its fine. With Patch 50 Inara got a better legendary card and was what she really what she needed, but that card leads to my issue. If makoa gets close to Inara in ult mode and she has her earthen guard up, (which is usually 60% of the time) makoa's ult immediately ends and he has to wait for it to load again. That makes makoa's ult super useless, because they are both front line and they'll be on the objective together and Inara's legendary card is the default one. It's ridiculous that an ability with a default 10 second cool-down can immediately stop an ult by just walking up to makoa. (Grohk's totem card also immediately cancel's makoa's ult but can be easily avoided and isn't a default card). This Inara deal really needs a change though.

05-18-2017, 08:09 PM

I think you missed something.

1 - Makoa's ultimate had CC immunity before OB48, so the "always bugged me" shouldn't be there
2 - Inara's new Earthen Guard legendary card buff only gives Debuff immunity, that means she won't be affected by Cauterize or things like that during Earthen Guard's duration. Makoa's ultimate isn't a debuff to ennemies, it's a buff for Makoa.

Just for you to know : CC Immunity affects ALLIES only (ex : Grohk's Totem give CC immunity to allies, and NOTHING is applied to ennemies), it cancels CC (Crowd Control).

What is Crowd Control ? Here's a small list of Crowd Control effects used in Paladins :

- Knockback & Knockup
- Stun
- Slow
- Cripple
- Root
- Disarm
- Silence
- Fear (Mal'Damba's ultimate)
- Pull (Seris' ultimate, used along with Stun)
- Polymorph (aka Chiken,Superior CC, you'll need a special CC immunity for this one)

What is NOT Crowd Control, but debuffs :

- Healing Reduction (aka Cauterize)
- Burn (applied by Fernando and Barik's ultimate)
- Poison

Inara's new Legendary card gives her immunity to debuffs, so Healing reduction, burn and poison won't have any effect on her.

There are more effects in the game, but those are 1) not used or 2) not calculated as CC or debuff

Note - If there's a thing that makes Earthen Guard or Grohk's Totem to cancel Makoa's ultimate, it's a bug.

05-30-2017, 03:22 AM
Thank you for the information. I played tons of games this week and my ult ends even if there is no inara or Grohk. My ult ending and inara being there happened to be bad timing. This was just a misconception of a bug on my part. Sorry.

05-30-2017, 03:33 AM
Actually even right now in OB 50 Inara has CC Immunity in top of Debuff Immunity whilst using Mother's Grace.
However, if Inara is going to keep her CC Immunity which she is Makoa should get CC Immunity on his Ult.