View Full Version : LF competitive/tournament team

02-07-2016, 06:00 PM
[Server EU] Hello there. I'm dragonzvil, experience in games more than 13years, level 5 in game at the moment (i just got it) and i'm main Skye. I usually have a very positive score and i'm looking for a team to play serious games on competitive/tournaments. I'm also working on all dps classes: next will be Evie, Cassie and maybe Pip.

IGN: DRAGONZVIL (my mistake when i put the name... the Caps Lock was ON and didn't see.. :| )
Skype: dragonzvil, but i usually use Razer Comms, is a lot better even if it's in beta and got a few bugs.

Games that i really played:
●Vindictus (max lvl, pretty good gears)
●Blade and Soul (max lvl, very good gears)
●Heroes of the Storm (max rank 3 from a ranked system 1-50 if i remember)
●League of Legends (I was max diamond in S3 and then i didn't played so much, hate it alone)
●CS:GO (max rank: global elite)
●and a few more mmos..