View Full Version : Shield nerf

05-04-2017, 12:57 AM
In OB49 shield's cooldown has been nerfed and this is making barik and makoa suffer alot. Please make it back like they were before. We cant play barik anymore. With 15sec cooldown and low health than other frontliners barik is having a hard time. 15 sec cooldown for 4 sec shield.Even if we are using cards, that shield most of the time doesn't stay more than 6-7 sec. Please make shield's cooldown like they were before.

And with the introduction of willo, it became much harder. Personally I think willo is balanced except her shield legendary with 50% shield damage. It should be around like 20% as after 4sec there will be 20% shield left for frontliners to defend themselves. 100% damage is too much.80% damage to shield is enough. This also affects fernando and torvald, these characters rely on shield heavily. Taking that away is pure death of them.

What you guys think?? Please support this if you agree.