View Full Version : Lf a team

02-02-2016, 05:03 PM
Got this game yesterday been playing all day. Fell in love with Skye but sick of the dum teammates not knowing what to do. Skye is a character made for disrupting there back line squishes but with no tanks and a good Cassie or pip whats the point. I can make things happen on the battlefield. I know what needs to be done. Looking for a team to Take that step and actually get some wins. last game with Skye went 35-4. If this Post Doesn't tell you that you need me on your team I don't know what will

Alt Characters are Pip and soon to be Grohk once I can get a team to make him viable.

Msg me in game at Tomanation or Email me at Tomanation1997@gmail.com

Remember you need a back line God