View Full Version : Player looking for team with HIGH Competitive exp. [EU]

02-02-2016, 04:43 PM
Hello I am Montekristas from Lithuania and I've been in competitive scene for 1,5 years now or more and when it comes to FPS or MOBA I started playing them since 2009 and then eventually moving from MOBA to MOBA and playing FPS for fun and then realized I am better than my friend who are playing with me and then decided to move on competitive scene on MOBA called "Strife" did really succeded there ,but saw that game isn't moving anywhere and then moved to HOTS (Heroes of the Storm) And there made it to semi-pro teams and just didn't had contacts for pro teams to knowledge me ,but still made some dollars there,had high mmr over there around 300-500 in EU,had really good communication overall in games and fluent english which made me play a role of a shotcaller/drafter and a strong player overall and after not getting what I wanted from HOTS now moved to Paladins and really looking forward to make it in competitive scene here and that comes to Paladins.

What I can offer:
-Fluent english (So easily can lead the team on shotcalling).
-Strong analizing.
-Good game knowledge.
-Flexible player (Basically can play everything and can adapt what team needs).
-Fast learner.
-Absorb criticism really greatly and can put up the criticism for people that wouldn't get into the argument.
-I can play basically every hero on the game so far.

So if you are interested add me in game Montekristas.