View Full Version : Essence, Grover legendary card 30% damage with scaling and balance team matchmaking

04-26-2017, 11:56 AM
Please add more way to gain essence after level 30 most of the trophy and all champion level 4, chest cost 2500 gold but in, we found with luck most of the time 750 essence for pay card who cost for exemple 5000 or legendary card 12 000, its to much for the time passed to play, skin are less pricess than the card now.

I think legendary card of grover (30% damage scall with longer, no work properly, It's like she no add damage 30% with longer, for base 1200 damage is hard to have, no ?

For the matchmaking for one partie I win 4/0 for the next I lose 0/4, for the next I win 4/0, I play against few guy classed diamond or other with none classed in my team, or reversed situation with classed mate in my team and none in ther other team. Please fixe the balance game is one time too easy, one time too hard but not balanced.

oh and less dumb english community people in game needed, none respect for the other langage or country, english dumb sucks and play so bad talk too much for trash talking. You know those tank who complaining for healer when healer take/cap the point and the tank trashtalk out of the point, in the end healer gold objective and gold healer when tank is useless for his team.


04-26-2017, 08:37 PM
I have all the cards 55k essence and 15 chest.
It's not that bad. Buy all the low cards first so you get as many repeats as possible.

Play everyday get your three wins a day and the login bonus. I think I started 5 months ago but I did buy the founders pack.

From Lex to Seris I was able to get 43 chest bought and earned.

I opened them all on Seris release gained 50 k essence. Got two of her cards a 500 and 5000.

bought all her cards have 55k left with 15 chest since Seris release date

04-27-2017, 03:54 AM
you : "I think I started 5 months ago but I did buy the founders pack."

me : "I don't want pay founder pack so, I don't have 72k essence more like you.

They don't give me essence for the champion level 4 because I started after essence OBT, I have chest with RNG and no luck about essence because I eaern often skin, Yes I can pay the card at 500 and have 250 essence after a long long grind in chest, but now I don't wand a card at 500 I want card at 12000 but with chest who give 750 with luck"