View Full Version : Feedback on Inara changes in the PTS.

04-02-2017, 06:56 AM
The recent changes on the PTS are a good step in the right direction however there still more work to do on Inara, she is still a bit underwhelming, my suggestions:

- Caretaker card should heal at 40/80/120/160 while leaving the earthen guard heal with the same PTS values (30/60/90/120).

The reason is simple, unlike earthen guard, warden field can be destroyed and force the user to remain in a restricted/small area to get the benefits, leaving Inara very vulnerable, specially to AoE damage, it also fix the issue of Inara ability to recover from damage when her damage reduction abilities are on cooldown.

- The distance at which her weapon starts to fall off must be adjusted, it is too punishing for a weapon who divides the total damage in 3 bursts.

- Impasse is nearly unusable without the legendary card, im all for making abilities stronger with cards but it is too mandatory if you want a decent cooldown, there are plenty of options, my suggestion would be to make impasse cooldown start when deployed, remove the cooldown reduction on the legendary card change it to allow impasse to deploy a second wall.