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01-18-2016, 06:43 PM

Viktur is a scientist that quickly excelled at chemistry and other sciences that helped him develop many different alchemical mixtures. After many long years of trying to prolong his own life - which is a practice that was made illegal by many Alchemist groups - He quickly became obsessed and began experimenting on himself, until his research left him ill and crazed. But what if he had more subjects to test on

Appearance & Personality

Viktur is your regular looking mad scientist but due to his testing even though he is only 32 he looks well in his 80s. He has scruffy grayish-white hair and oldschool sideburns (look up Ambrose Burnside, you'll know what I mean). His main color scheme is Green and White. As for his personality he has a slight German accent and he's very expressive and "over the top", but he has a slight murmur after almost everything he speaks, like he has to explain everything to himself twice.

Weapon & Altfire

His weapon is a high tech blaster powered by some sort of neon green liquid phial that attaches at the top of his gun (similar to a paintball gun) his fire rate is slightly faster than pip but not as fast as Skye and it deals low damage. As for his Altfire he switches to a neon yellow phial which fires at the same rate but bounces twice, or on contact, before exploding in a small AoE.


Q - Death Drop

Drop a Death Drop that looks similar to a health drop to the enemy, if an enemy picks it up they take damage.

E - Plague Phial

Throw a phial that explodes leaving deadly gas that deals damage every .3 seconds for 4s in a field in front of you.

F - Smoke Bomb

Create a puff of green smoke at your feet and gain 60% movement speed for 3s. Removes all debuffs on use.

Ult - Serum Barrage

Throw 5 deadly phials in a cone in front of you dealing damage and 50% extra damage to those affected by Plague Phial.

01-19-2016, 02:04 AM
I like the Death Drop ability, pretty clever :)

The phial maybe though is a bit like what Pip shoots? maybe change it to something like instead of shooting phial he shoots a stream of acid

01-20-2016, 12:30 AM
The deathdrop is pretty clever but like Zakaryth said the phial is kinda like pips thingy :P plus it sounds like acid cloud haha