View Full Version : looking for a skilled team

01-18-2016, 12:18 PM
Hello All

My name is Kevin "BTRRR" Kunz, im from switzerland and 27 years old.
The last 10 years i played in the best call of duty team but i change it now the game, because the old szene are down. Ingame im lvl 16 whit the buck and this is also my main champion too.

Now im looking vor a german/english skilled team, add me BTRRR and you can test my skills.


p.s. my english is not perfektly :)

01-18-2016, 04:57 PM
sick buck player - pick him up ;)

01-18-2016, 06:04 PM
Hi Im from Spain but i can speak english. Im lvl 20 actually, my mains principally are Barik and Buck. My timeteble to train are 10 am to 14 pm and 21:30pm to 3am (spanish hours), I send friend petition to you im aK0r and if you want add me to speak and specify anything. ;) I have expirience on competitive games like cs go and call of duty.