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01-17-2016, 11:45 AM
I put this on the Reddit so I figured I'd put it here as well.

Very Recently, I brought up the topic of Lore, to which in response and being the awesome person they are, ideaty created a compilation of what we know so far about the world of Paladins. https://www.reddit.com/r/Paladins/comments/41a395/piecing_together_designs_and_lore_we_can_learn/
Thus, I was inspired to try to look a little bit further into the lore my current favorite Champion: Evie.

So I decided the first thing to do would be to look at her lore and her cards, as they would reveal the most information. That’s when I noticed something strange.

Look at Evie’s legendary cards that have permanent art, Fate, Finisher, and Aftershock.
Finisher depicts an axe being swung downward, Aftershock depicts some kind of spherical object striking the ground in a burst of flames, and finally Fate shows what appears to be some man standing in a devastated area about to throw a red lightning bolt.
Why do these stand out? Because they have nothing to do with Evie. Supposedly.
Look at all her card’s art, excluding “Journey” and “Break Free” (I’ll tell you why in a minute), they all have something either to do with Ice and winter, or just with Evie and her abilities. But Fate, Finisher, and Aftershock, clearly don’t. In fact, they’re pretty opposite.

So why is this important for figuring out Evie’s war? Because I believe these three cards explains Evie’s past, why she defied her “Master” the archmage of stonebriar, and why she acts like she does.

Let’s start with Evie’s part, which I believe to be pretty tragic.

First of all, Evie wasn’t born in Stonebriar. No, instead I suggest that she was actually born in Cobalt Keep, the same place where Cassie comes from. The main reason I think this is because of the crystals that adorn both Cassie and Evie’s clothes, and because of their pendent thing near their neck.

Pictures: Cassie: https://gyazo.com/b92f7ba1e35635d75fe8896461c69537
Crystal on her bow: https://gyazo.com/1710ccdcdcf534a719b32c9724c049bc

Both the design of the pendent, and the look of the crystals look awfully similar to Evie’s pendent and crystals: https://gyazo.com/8bbee0742a53661dd8db5cd75ba9a7be
Crystal on her staff: https://gyazo.com/56bce6735ca9222b25df6fb4eaf8b6db

Now, maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I believe it signifies that Evie and Cassie come from the same area, as well as Pip if the lore from ideaty is correct.

Secondly, I believe that Cobalt Keep was at some point attacked by none other than the archmage referred to in Evie’s lore. Why do I think that? Because of the card Art From Aftershock and Fate. In fact I believe the person throwing the red lightning in Fate to be the Archmage himself.

Either way both these cards show pretty violent scenes that Evie might have seen if the keep was attacked by the Archmage. Which brings me to the Finisher card art. I believe this card indicates that Evie was almost killed by maybe a soldier who was fighting for the Archmage, but was stopped by the man himself. The Archmage then took Evie and trained her to become his apprentice, which leads into why she betrayed him.

While I have no clue as to how old Evie was when Cobalt Keep was attacked, I know that it would have to be an age that would allow her to remember the scenes depicted in the three cards, meaning that she would know the Archmage attacked her home, probably killing her family as well.

This would cause Evie to hate the Archmage’s guts. Eventually, she met the Ice wraith Xerses and gained the power to Kill the Archmage and avenge her home, the “Unholy Act” mentioned in her lore.
But it came at a cost.

Think about how Evie behaves for a second. A lot of what she says either sounds childish, or straight up weird, sometimes crazy. She almost reminds me of how The Joker acts. I believe that’s because she has the same mental condition as The Joker does.
I believe that the combination of the trauma of the attack on the keep, and the bind of Xerses, fractured her mind, causing her to become Pyscopathic, and possibly have antisocial personality disorder as well.

Now, you may be think, “If Evie is from Cobalt Keep, how come it never mentions it being destroyed in Cassie’s lore? In fact, if Cobalt Keep was attacked, how did Cassie survive.” To which I reply, because it wasn’t attacked when Cassie was alive. Cassie and Evie may look the same age, but remember, in Evie’s lore, it claims that she is immortal, so the attack could’ve happened five or five hundred years ago, giving the keep enough time to repair.

The last thing I want to mention is the cards I told you not to look at, Journey and Break Free. I think these two cards Hi-Rez put in to explain what she is doing in the game.

Through these two cards, plus the “Fate” card, I think that Evie is fighting because she is on a “Journey” to get away or “Break Free” from her “Fate”. What is her fate?

Look at the card art for Fate. If that truly is the Archmage, then she is trying to escape her Fate as becoming the next Archmage.

But hey, all of this is just a theory. Seeing as Hi-Rez didn’t give much info, I simply looked to try to figure out Evie, whether it be wrong or right. If nothing else, I hope I at least gave you something to think about when playing Evie.

If you want more things backed by evidence, check out ideaty’s post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Paladins/comments/41a395/piecing_together_designs_and_lore_we_can_learn/
TL: DR: Evie’s home got attacked, she got taken, killed the Archmage, now she cray cray.