View Full Version : Concept: Vienna, The Corrupted Survivor

01-15-2016, 02:07 PM
I'm not sure if there has already been ideas for a partial melee champion, so I decided to make one myself.



In the city of Harenam, there is nothing more dangerous and horrifying than the desert that surrounds it. So deadly is the desert, that whenever a resident wanders into the desert, they are instantly presumed dead.
Vienna was one of those pronounced dead.

Little did the city know, Vienna survived, but only by making a pact with the sand spirits that controlled the desert. In return for letting her leave the desert, the spirits took partial control of her body, turning the majority of her skin and bones into sand.

Now, Vienna wanders the Realm, guided by the sand spirits, bringing destruction everywhere she goes.


Vienna's body has been massively corrupted by the sand spirits, making most of her skin look like it's made of sand. Half of her face still remains untouched however. She wears the traditional Harenam garment, A long tan dress with an Arabian style headdress that covers her hair. She is human, but the Harenam people are cut off from the rest of the Realm, so she acts and talks differently, with the sand spirit corruption adding to that effect.

In terms of personality, She is what I would call a "Quiet evil insane person". What I mean by that is that she's not much for conversation, the sand spirits have corrupted her mind leaving her with an Evil influence while also just plain messed up in the head. I imagine her saying very little words, and then she uses an ability or gets a kill streak and she just starts laughing maniacally.


Weapon: Vienna doesn't have any gun, she simply holds her hand out and the sand spirits infuse her with the power to shoot out sand spikes, or something similar. Her damage per hit would be slightly strong than Cassie's with a relatively slow attack speed.

Q: Sand Tomb: Vienna strikes that ground, sending a narrow sand wave that travels in front of her and damages and stuns any Champion caught in it.

E: Corrupted Sword: Vienna forms a sword out of sand and for Five(ish) seconds can use it to melee attack with increased attack speed.

F: Desert Storm: Vienna creates a vortex of sand around her and dashes forward, knocking away any enemies in her path.

Notes: I'm too lazy to come up with card ideas, so meh.
Anyways, obviously Vienna's main strength comes from her stun and deadly sword. The idea is that Vienna would be able to both contribute to a team fight, and be able to lock down an enemy so that she has a chance to get close enough to destroy them with her sword. She almost acts as a Caster Assassin, and she relies on both the quick burst from her sword, and the ability to change a team fight with her stun.

If with the next patch they introduce ultimate and Alt-Fires I will come back and add those to her, but for now this is what I got.