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03-07-2017, 02:29 PM
Hello. This Is just a small series of the 4 champions I feel the most comfortable with. I'll be posting some card suggestions/ideas (Including 1 Legendary card for each.)
First of all, these are working under the assumption that things like Reversal actually begin to function.

Defiance: Is commonly recognized as one of the worst abilities in the game. It deals less damage in 3 shots than your revolver will in 2.
To make It worth It, here's a full loadout revolving around Defiance.
Pestering Plague
Whenever you hit an enemy with defiance, they take 1/2/3/4% of their total health as damage per second for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds. This stacks with each consecutive shot of Defiance (4/8/12%) but does not increase the duration. Stacks up to 3 times.

Example: A Makoa Is ulting. He has 11k Health. Hitting 3 shots with Defiance will deal 1320 DP/S for 2 seconds, in addition to the 1200 you dealt landing all 3 shots.

Rapid Recoil
Increases the accuracy of Defiance by 3/6/9/12%
Meaning that, at best, Its 87% Accuracy will land at 99%. Theoretically, you could combine this with Pestering Plague to become a much more 'efficient' anti-tanker, even from range, but If you want to invest your cards into damage rather than mobility (As a Flanker...) you should be free to do so.

Dazzling Death
Hitting an enemy with Defiance slows them by 15/30/45/60% for 2 Seconds
Does not stack with consecutive hits, allowing you to 'clip' retreating enemies to finish them off easier.

Swift Shooter
Increases the bonus damage from Defiance by 150/300/450/600
Oh hey look, Defiance actually deals *more* damage when hitting all 3 shots compared to just double-nailing someone with your leftclick. This would certainly make Maeves/Skyes think twice before trying to ambush an Androxus, because If he's lucky, he could hit all 3 shots and that would just be that.

All in all, I believe these Defiance cards would be a lot more useful than the current ones we have (Reduce cooldown on Reversal? What?)

Reversal: If It's patched so It actually works, no changes would be needed.
Nether Step: One of the better movement abilities in the game. Could be a bit more original than bonus speed at the end of a nether step but It Is what It Is.
His Left-Click Is some of the better burst damage in the game, again, no changes really needed.
And finally, the big one, the Legendary;
Devil Form
Androxus' ultimate now deals 400 More damage a shot, pierces shields and has a 3 second longer duration. It's also hitscan, but does not create an explosion where It lands.
Originally, this idea was called "Godslayer" on the forums, but they decided to give that name to one of the most disappointing legendary cards in the game.

03-08-2017, 10:50 AM
Good ideas, I love Rapid Recoil. The ulitmate legendary is also good because it might actually be worthwhile. The other legendaries for ults (damba and sha lin) kind of suck and arent worth it.

06-20-2017, 05:09 PM
I like the idea of improving Andro's Defiance accuracy with a card. Most of the others are broken and or irrelevant to Androxus' playstyle imo like the additional damage or the damage over time.

I'd rather have Defiance hit for 400x2+600 instead of a card that increases its damage. Because let's be honest, if you hit a full Defiance you're hitting hard 1400 is no joke and it's within a second. With 400 per hit you won't get punished as much for missing the last shot but still rewararded for hitting all of them.

I'd take the increased accuracy card only and replace Spite with it.

06-20-2017, 05:12 PM
Again, please do not necro threads.