View Full Version : My Thoughts on Inara (Underpowered)

03-04-2017, 01:12 PM
Before I get into why I think she's underpowered let's get this out of the way. Hi-Rez make resistance either stacking diminishingly or act like move speed where the highest ability wins. The issue is as of now the only reason Inara will be any good is because of a gimmicky build that gives her 70% damage reduction and that shouldn't be a thing. I really don't want to see this released with shit like Ruckus damage resist as well.

Now on to why she's underpowered. The main reason Inara is underpowered is that unlike every other Champion with Deployables in the game hers do not go on cooldown when used giving her insanely long CDs and actively punishing you for keeping them alive. This needs to be changed immediately before anything else occurs. Besides this I feel like her wall should be higher overall to play more things aerially because as of now her wall feels a bit underwhelming. The Wall's base duration should also go up. I would also like to see her damage resist ability be given an additional effect to further differentiate it from Ruckus's ability.

Her Legendaries are also pretty underwhelming with exception to the cripple card. Very boring and lack anything to interestingly impact her playstyle. Her wall Legendary could give her two charges of wall and her damage resist one could give her an additional effect and maybe reflect 30% of the damage dealt to her back at her target.