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02-23-2017, 08:56 AM
Firstly, let me say Hi. Hi.

I was playing my best of Grover. It was a good day, besides I'm ill. Had a lot of fun. Got a 5.0 KDA. Bought me some Chronos. Second Time. Wasn't sure if the cooldown was aplied. But I got them faith in my illness taking the better part of me. Bought it again a third Time. Like it made me pay more than 2000 Gold. And It's not like I run a Major Company, I don't get that much gold a month. But anyways.

I was pressing the tab, and it showed me only Chronos on Stage I, (also Life Steal only on Stage I, even if I bought Stage II) - Anyways. Didn't apply atleast my Chronos. I checked the CD ingame, and it took me 7s to Vine. And I guess, this is only the 10% CD, not the 30% CD I payed for.

I, therefore demand a refund, or atleast someone to check it, so it won't happen again.

Until then, I wish you a better health situation than mine and a hell of a killed joy.


Edit: Testet it with Ruckus in another Game. Still only get one stack of Chronos. =(

02-23-2017, 09:44 AM
I'm experiencing the same thing.

I used Torvald twice - maxed out resilience and still get knocked out by the other Torvald's ulti. The UI shows I only have lv 1 items except Rejuvenate. On the 2nd game all my items stuck at lv1 :'( On my friend's PC, my items are shown to be maxed out. But in mine it's all lv1.

Shown in my PC (see Torvald):

Shown in my friend's PC (see Torvald):

02-23-2017, 10:19 AM
it's a display bug. you still get the effect. there are tons of other threads with the same issue, including one that i posted just after the patch was released.