View Full Version : Bugs Found In OB44

02-22-2017, 11:45 PM
1: The cooldown on certain abilities don't keep up with Cards that lower the cooldown. I was playing Pip with Reload 3, which should lower his cooldown by 6 if I hit all 4 allies. If I throw it down, wait for the 2 second cooldown, then throw it again, it should be reset to 8 seconds because of the cooldown on the card, but it displays a 2 second cooldown. The cooldown for the ability is correct, but the display of it on the ability is messed up.

2: The items you by mid game don't correctly display on the bottom right and in the <TAB> menu. Tends to be correct until you upgrade an item past tier 1.

3: Some of Skye's abilities tend not to register correctly. About half the time I hit someone with Poison Bolts, it won't inflict the damage over time effect. Also her smokescreen tend to not blind enemies at times. With these 2 abilities being all frigidity, it's very difficult to play her.