View Full Version : Matchmaking Issues

02-22-2017, 08:20 AM
Well, I just updated paladins and started queuing for casual. I selected Siege only and let the game work its magic. The next thing I know, the next 4-5 "Join Matches" instantly had someone who left the lobby or didn't accept.

Fine, I then selected all modes and went ahead with it. This time, 6-9 "Join matches" get messed up with the same issue?

Luckily, I get on and played a match of Payload. All's good and fun.

I queue for the second match and i get 3 more "Join Matches" with people that leave the lobby. I finally get on another match again and I'm selecting my champion. I ask in the lobby chat if anyone's having the same issue. It takes about 3-4 seconds to send my message, and it's about 10 seconds left to pick a champion. As I'm about to click on Fernando, I get kicked and get called a Deserter. And what's worse! It says another user didn't pick a champion and I gotta wait 5 minutes to get on to queue again.

Never encountered a problem like this before. What's up with Season 1 and matchmaking?

Sorry for the rant. Must be a new update thing.