View Full Version : What do you guys think of Ruckus's Legendary cards?

02-21-2017, 04:13 AM

I wanted to make a thread to directly target Ruckus's card set because I really would hate to see a non main champion fall into even deeper darkness.
As you guys probably know, Ruckus is not the main pick for professional gameplays and such because he does not that well than other champions, I am fine with that but now it feels like he's really going to get shot out there.

So let's take the first card, the most useless one in my opinion.

Recycler -
Gain 100 ammo.

This seems more like of a joke than a real legendary card. What is Ruckus going to do with that ammo? He already packs 200 rounds with a decent reload speed, and yes his reloading speed can be upgraded so why is this even a selectable card?

Now why I am a bit disappointed over this is simple: Kinessa now has increased damage and can pick a bonus damage legendary card for an extra, Viktor has choice to get either hip fire damage card or aim down sight damage card. While not much, even Fernando can upgrade his fireball damage, Makoa can now pick a legendary card that deals more damage when someone is pulled in front of him with a chain, dealing more damage than before.
Instead of ammo I feel that Ruckus should get a card that adds damage as well, he has 2 miniguns, let me repeat MINIGUNS not bb guns. This could be added in as general like Viktor has it or added in when a skill is activated.

Now moving on, we have:

Flux Generator -
When used on the objective, Repulsor Field is twice as powerful.

Now this is not that useless, can prove to be quite useful and support the team, but this makes Ruckus feel more like a walking slow Support/Meatshield with bb guns that just takes a few more seconds to kill. Ruckus can only focus on one target and get shot by a sniper or flanker all the time.


Aerial Assault -
Advance gains a 3rd charge. Standing still causes Ruckus to jet upwards.

In theory this sounds cool, but worth the card? He has 2 charges that can be used very effectively to get out of a bad situation, the third one is just I don't know what's for. Ruckus is a frontline tank, he shouldn't be a coward with 3 jumps who bounces away once he gets his health low, he's Ruckus not Pip. Jetting upwards just marks him as a special snowflake ready to eat more bullets, no?

All in all, I believe at least one Ruckus's legendary card should involve some kind of damage increase, because many other front liners have the chance to get such card and Ruckus is meant to have firepower by its design, not to get outclassed by a Viktor with a damage increase.

Now, I am sure a lot of you may disagree and yes, I might have exaggerated at some points but I just feel all in all it's not going to end well. Ruckus has never been the first choice champ anyway, now seems matters get worse.

Hope no one gets overly offended about this opinion but I just felt I wanted to take this topic into discussion.

What do you guys think?

I finally have to say that my opinions are based on the cards, not really played too many rounds on PTS to find out how bad the situation is. So people who have played a lot in PTS probably know better.

02-22-2017, 01:07 PM
the 200 bullets are fine even tho i cant really feel the 300 but some extra damage or some like that wouldnt really be too bad when you think about all the damage cards everyone got

02-22-2017, 01:16 PM
Recycler should be replaced with something that makes ruckus more aggressive, like more movement when firing or emitter cooldown reduced by 0.1 when headshotting. Having that additional 100 ammo wouldn't change the playstyle of anyone.

02-22-2017, 01:37 PM
Thank god aerial assault is more fluid now to jump upwards, it was painful on the PTS.

02-24-2017, 09:24 AM
I do understand aerial assault gives more mobility, repulsive legendary card for defense, but ammo? How does that make him offensive? It's just a hundred rounds more ammo nothing more, he could at least get 0.5 increase in fire rate or get a little buff in damage with that card, Ruckus hits 53 while Viktor hits straight 190-s with his first 5 rounds and then shoots 150 damage. Talking about headshots Ruckus hits 80 damage when shot to the head, Viktor hits 255 with a round to the head, 215 after 5 rounds. With reload speed upgrade, Viktor is pretty much a light weight more mobile Ruckus. Tyra got damage buff to deal more damage when at lower health, even Kinessa who got buffed + has legendary card for extra 50% damage for headshots.

02-24-2017, 12:15 PM
The third Charge is really useful. Ruckus is so slow while firing that you MUST use Charge to get good firing angles, and avoid enemy fire, also to stay with the payload that is faster than you. I'm not sure about the vertical jump...

Repulsor shield is also a good choice, now that you can use it outside of the point, and being more powerful in the point, it can give your team the extra seconds to win the match.

The extra 100 ammo could be useful, when things get crazy and you are shooting in all directions, it's very easy to empty your guns and let a 10 hp target escape while you reload... however it's not a game-changer card