View Full Version : Ying legendary cards

02-20-2017, 01:53 AM
Can we have a Ying legendary card that expands her play-style instead of narrowing it down to just pressing Q?

When I play Ying, making sure that I'm at the right place and supporting my team-mates by helping them with 1v1s and 1v2s (even going on the occasional flank) is way more fun than just mindlessly spamming clones on the point. But with Yings current legendary cards, I would never consider picking "Focusing Lens" over "Lifelike" (or maybe "Resonance" vs certain comps) and none of those would change how I play Ying or what loadouts I use.

I'd really like it if her "Focusing Lens" card was more than the (occasional) bonus damage and somehow incorporated her Dimensional Link. A simple cooldown reduction or duration increase might be good enough to make it worth considering over the other 2.
But to be honest, the most fun I would have with Ying is if I was able to teleport to my team-mates when I use Dimensional Link (similar to her ult). Keeping an eye on my team-mates and being by their side when they're in trouble is essentially why I like playing support. If a legendary card helped me do that, I'd consider sacrificing any bonus healing or damage the other cards give.