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02-12-2017, 07:29 PM
So lately I have noticed I have not seen many Androxus's around. So I went and used him a bit as he is my main and I noticed that he has become extremely fragile. He has high dps so he may be able to get one kill if there is no healing involved but going against a group of people he cannot exactly go in and blindly pick one off without them all turning to shoot him. Compared to maeve who can 3 shot any chracter with 2400 hp or less hes extremely weak, maeve has a self healing move that allows her to heal for 900 hp or half her health and thats not including cards AND it resets cooldowns, she has high mobility and when you do the math she can technically have 2700 health, taking androxus 5 hits to kill which is 2.5 seconds if he doesn't miss a shot and has no lag whatsoever and doesnt wait in between shots, maeve can kill him in approximately 2.1 seconds as she can throw pounce throw rather quickly, overall she is just a much more mobile higher damaging flank, her knives have no damage dropoff and only require to be throw at angles and require no reload. I have also noticed that Androxus "buying time' card is often nonfunctional, after using reversal with 0 ammo to guard myself against a bomb king and get him low it did not give me the ammo and i immediately died after, this has happened to me a number of times in different situations, i have also noticed that reversal has sometimes bugged out and not fired a projectile after absorbing damage or not showing the firing animation, reversal is also canceled by Makoas hook no matter what direction the hook hits him from. Aoe attacks like pips potion launcher also seem to ignore reversal still doing the damage from the front. His ultimate went from being the death from above cannon to the ultimate thats four fast drogoz shots at best, his regular attacks as well as his ultimate have an extremely high level of dps dropoff, i noticed that if you miss just by a few feet the shot does 100s less damage and when he uses his ultimate he needs some sort of damage reduc or invuln because the second he uses it it tells everyone where he is and leaves him a sitting duck, the shots travel fast and hit hard if you get a direct hit but can be easily blocked by sitting under a shield and easily dodged using an ability.

Im asking for a small balance to maybe re introduce him back in so he can compete with flanks like Maeve that have massive movement and massive self healing with cards, maybe decrease the dmg drop off on his ultimate, or decrease the dmg slightly and add another shot or make it so the shots pass through shields, compare it to skye or bomb king, they both have explosive ults that can instantly kill any characters with less than 2500 hp for bomb king and 3000 hp for skye, both ignore shields as well.

Im also asking for hi rez to focus less on adding new characters and making characters more new player friendly and focus on ensuring that the existing characters are balanced and ensure their abilities work as intended, there has been issues with Androxus's reversal not functioning properly and not working with its cards for quite some time, they need to pay more attention to bugs like these instead of ignoring them.

Other players feedback and ideas on the subject is appreciated thank you.

02-13-2017, 02:44 PM
To begin with Androxus was one the best champions of this game. What made him unparalleled was in high reliable damage. Despite having one uttterly useless ability, and on top of that his shield/immunity/defense/stall option is buggy as FiretrUCK. To be frank he has dropped out of the meta almost completely, I think these are the reasons why.

1. Sha Lin is the ultimate counter to flanks if he is use to his moderate best.
2. Makoa is one of the reasons why Androxus is shut down so hard.
3. His Ultimate went from to B-Class usable ultimate to F-Class useless Ultimate. (Even before the nerf it was a suicide button) (Also before the nerf it was still hard to use to an extent) (And probably biggest nail to his coffin of being mid-tier) (Androxus was designed to high-tier form the start, so that was a fail) (and nobody cared when this part of him got nerfed).
4. Maeve's very existence.

02-13-2017, 05:02 PM
Yes!!! Thank You!!! Finally someone else that sees it like i do xD i mean don't get me wrong I love playing maeve as i am just about 100 points away from being top 100 with her but still when you compare Androxus to the other flanks hes no longer viable, I have noticed in competitive games its only maeves and maybe a ying or buck to counter her, any team i have played on or seen with an androxus or skye has lost with little contest. I think they need to start buffing characters a bit more to re balance them rather than nerf, Look at Androxus model compared to viktor cassie or a couple other damages with over 2000 hp, hes the same size or bigger with a larger hitbox but less HP doesnt make much sense