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02-11-2017, 12:13 AM
İ think she need more nerf than what is expected. Like 450 to 300 LMB damage. Because she almost same of Buck.(except HP) Her mobility, self heal is similar Buck. I think she should have same damage with buck for balance. And maeve have two more advantage: 1-Size(vey tiny and hard to hit) 2. Double jump.

She like Evie and Buck mix and this is Deadly. Maeve definetly OP.

02-11-2017, 05:39 AM
yeah, I've never been able to solo kill a Maeve 1v1 as a Buck (except for the level 1 Maeves)
edit: okay I realize that Buck shouldn't be able to solo every champ in the game, so I guess I should go into detail.
What I mean is A: Maeve is a low hp champ but has so much mobility and range she is impossible to kill, EVEN for a BUCK whos mobility is almost unmatched. Beside Andro or a Cassie.
B: I feel like I can kill Andro 1v1 or a Cassie 1v1 or a Shalin 1v1, but sometimes I can't, I will be outplayed or outmatched and lose the fight.... which I think is normal? but Maeve I cant kill EVER not once, any Maeve I take on 1v1 can kill me