View Full Version : Ying Talent Card ideas

02-07-2017, 09:24 PM
1. illusions up to 3

can hold up to 2 charges, but healing reduce from 350 to 300,
increase 5 sec last time for living illusion every time you cast illusion

so the 1st illusion casts at 0 sec and lasts 8+5 = 13 sec, you can keep 3 illusions for 3 sec/CD 5 sec.

2. about [YING] Resonance
Illusions heal allies for 600 in a large area when they are shattered.

the problem is when it heal? cast shattered or explode? its big difference between 0~2.5 sec
illusion will chase enemy and leave allies or blocked by wall...

3. Dimensional Link up to 2 charges and removed all Crowd Control status