View Full Version : Suggestion for Talent System

01-27-2017, 05:56 PM
I propose the name for the new currency to be "Card Elixir". I play this game more than often, and have a few time appeared on lil madness' and vox's streams. I think this new system with new crafting currency to be really good. A suggestion for the talent system is to remove the cooldown for one skill entirely. So say fernandos shield, you give it a health bar like torvald which passively regenerates when the shield is not up, however if the play where to misclick and hit shield button and release, the shield wont go into immediate cooldown, the recharge time for the shield to return to full health should be the same time as the cooldown. Another example Cassie's roll, using a talent for the roll allows you to roll continuously with 2second intervals between each roll and so on. Something like this maybe the talent system you are looking for.