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12-22-2015, 12:07 PM

Hola ;), welcome at my third episode of "Champion Concept". Today, I'll take you in a forest where lives a beautiful princess, but not so charming as she claims (ahah). She has strange powers, it can control the bubbles with his magic. I present to you, Chabie, The Bubbles Princess ! Good reading !

As of the 11 years age, Chabie was fed up with his life of castles. She refused to have people under her orders. This is why, she ran away while leaving by the window her room lasting one night summer. Saddened escape of his daughter, king Zaffyr sent troops to search her through the country. On its side, Chabie had taken refuge in a magic forest.Protected and educated by the spirits of nature, Chabie learned the magic from the wind and water. At the age of his 20 years, his Aburreck mentor, gave him like gift for his birthday a blessed instrument. It is strange magic object was actually a straw (pipe) sculpt starting from a magic elder tree. It is through this instrument which Chabie understood that it could handle the magic of the bubbles. She made use of this magic to protect the forest against the intrusions and the people who wanted to capture it to deliver it to the king.

She's 23 years old. She have long brown hair. She's pretty. I imagine a mix with this different pictures.

Keep the same face.
Add that suit, and this weapon.
You obtain Chabie ! But with less vulgar clothes.:o

She use his pipe to create bubbles attack. The bubbles are the same shots that Barik (same size, velocity and range).

Ability 1: Explosive Bubbles - Chabie blow 3 bubbles that stay at position. The bubbles explodes when a ennemie collide with him, deals 200 damages. (bubbles mines) Cooldown:12 seconds.
Ability 2: The bubble jail - This ability puts the target to inside a magic bubble. Trapped targets for 5 seconds, are free when attacked. Cooldown:25 seconds.(the bubble flew slightly in the sky). :mad:
Ability 3: Soapy Area - This ability create a area where increases Chabie's movement speed by 125% inside. (as the Pip ability adhesive (same size) just a little larger). Cooldown:15 seconds.


Bubbles Fusion (Explosive bubbles) - Chabie can stack bubbles, the bubble stacked is a bigger size.
Acid bubbles (Explosive bubbles) - Explosions create a little poison cloud, deals damages.
No oxygen (Bubble Jail) - The target trapped deals 400 damages.
Party Soap (Soapy Area) - The size is biggest and allies gain the movement bonus of the area.
Sticky Bubble (Explosive Bubble) - The bubbles follow the proximity target and explode. +1 bubble.

Thank you for reading my new post. :rolleyes: