View Full Version : LF NA Team.

12-21-2015, 04:53 AM
Very serious about becoming a esport player. ive deleted all other games to focus on paladins.
ive been going for under a week (5 days), alomst lvl 10 ATM and ive gotten grohk to lvl 7 and barik to 5, cassie is at 4, and fernndo at 3 i perfer playing a supp role, hens why barik and grohk is so high, and i really only play cassie and fernando to fill out teams. (tho cassie is higher then fernando cuz i started to learn how to play the game with her) i am writing down a play/stratige book, i have a couple plays in there and some strategy ATM(ive only started the book today, and will be working on it everyday.) but i wont be sharing it until i join a legit team and feel safe enough to share it. i play daily at the very min 2-3 hours a day. usually i average around 5-6 a day. my ign is KidavThe4th, add me up and put me through the passes. my curse account is the same name.