View Full Version : Looking for a team[NA]Serious teams only please

12-20-2015, 04:12 AM
As the title stated i'm looking for a serious team to get into playing this game competitively. I have had prior experience in amateur tournaments and have played multiple games at a high level. I have been ranked in the top 50 for search and destroy in call of duty, and played Infinite Crisis for Aware Gaming. I am quite new to the game however i am very committed to getting my play to the competitive level. I don't have many cards yet but i don't think it will take me long to accumulate them as i have quite a bit of time to play every night. Currently I've been playing mostly Pip, Cassie, and Skye.

If you would like further information my email is Hunterd103@hotmail.com ,twitter: @RoyalJoker28 and my IGN is Advi.